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Drumroll… insights of the wallpaper design winners

22 Jan 2024

Ever wanted to create your own wallpaper?  These four designers have successfully created their own unique designs winning them an accolade in the latest Resene Wallpaper Design Competition.  With so much originality and creativity to choose from amongst the spectacular designs submitted, the judges had a challenging job narrowing them down to the finalists.

Titled ‘Flirtatious Scent’, winner Alana’s design depicts moths flirting with each other by releasing a specific scent to communicate their attraction for one another.

This wonderful pattern uses the shades Resene Softly Softly, Resene Soft Whisper, Resene Juniper, Resene Alabaster and Resene Primrose.

“This is a digital painting that I created from scratch in procreate, using an iPad Pro and Apple pencil,” says Alana. “I then made it into a repeat pattern using Photoshop.”

Alana’s wallpaper design proves just what artists and creators can do with digital technology and Resene colours. Her winning design is a beautiful mix of colour and nature, and we cannot wait to see it used!

See more of Alana’s work at Alana Mays Creations | NZ Outdoor & Indoor Art

Let’s also meet our runners-up :

‘Lemon Grove in Late Winter’ by Melanie Learson

Melanie’s stunning design uses the shades Resene Chi, Resene Cardin Green, Resene Funk, Resene Malibu, Resene Lush, Resene Fiji Green and Resene Poprock.

“I have been painting fruit for many years, since I was a child and first learnt to paint,” says Melanie. “There’s something so aesthetically pleasing about the juiciness and glossiness of fruit that resonates with people, and can be seen throughout art, on walls and floors for millennia. I also have grown up around Camellias and find them a challenging flower to paint and draw. I chose my favourite, the Camellia Setsugekka, which we used to call “fried egg trees” when growing up, because the fallen flowers would lay flat on the ground like a tasty fried egg. The third element in my design is the picnic-blanket style background. I’ve used this to allude to a retro, 60s style Italian kitchen which is coming back into fashion. I love adding texture and colour to my work, and felt that this added an interesting juxtaposition of styles to bring the lemons and flowers into a more contemporary feel, while also alluding to kitchens in many of our grandparent’s houses. For me, it just works!”

See more of Melanie’s work at


‘Deep Fusion’ by Liz Hall

Liz’s design features the shades Resene Avalanche, Resene Bali Hai, Resene Clouded Blue, Resene Boomtown, Resene Boost, Resene Green Meets Blue, Resene Gumbo, Resene Half Mako, Resene Jade, Resene Nite Light, Resene Prussian Blue and Resene Yabbadabbadoo.

“The wallpaper design entitled Deep Fusion is a captivating fusion of visual texture, elegance and natural beauty,” says Liz. “It draws inspiration from the classic timelessness and sophistication of the ‘Paris end’ of Collins Street in the Melbourne Central Business District; the nearby gardens, including the blooms found from time to time in the Fitzroy Gardens' Conservatory and the Bay which lightly embraces our city’s south. The design focuses on abstract shapes including those of floral blooms and their stems. The colour palette is one of moody shades of blues and greens evoking Melbourne’s love of a dark aesthetic, as well as providing a connection with the ocean. A sense of movement is also created in the design by the organic patterns found within. The patterns formed are like those on the ocean floor created by sunlight as it filters down through the water. By virtue of the fusion of the elements found in ‘Deep Fusion’, the design celebrates a softness associated with aspects of our natural environment and classic sophistication inspired by our urban architecture.

See more of Liz’s work at


‘Sheep Relaxing’ by Yolan Iskander

Yolan’s design features the shades Resene Deep Blush, Resene Anakiwa, Resene Acadia, Resene Softly Softly, Resene Antidote and Resene Frost.

This whimsical design is playful and fun, featuring a beloved Kiwi favourite, the sheep. Yolan’s design would be the perfect backdrop to a nursery, child’s room, or anywhere where some enjoyment needs to be infused.

See more of Yolan’s work at

The Resene Wallpaper Design Competition will be running again in 2024.  Keep an eye out for the call to entries in a future BlackWhite email.

If you can’t find wallpaper to suit, why not create your own?  Once you have a finished design, upload it to the Resene WallPrint service online,, and your wallpaper can be made for you to suit your room size.

Published: 22 Jan 2024