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ECNZ specs recognised as WELL Building Institute equivalents

12 Apr 2021

Environmental Choice New Zealand, the country’s official environmental label, has announced that five of its specifications have qualified as International WELL Building Institute equivalents – including its paint specification.

Recognised by architects, engineers and interior designers in New Zealand and around the world, the WELL Building Standard (WELL) is used to create and certify spaces that advance human health and well-being. Backed by the latest scientific research, WELL supports physical and mental health across 10 core concepts. WELL has certified more than 1.5 billion square foot of space in more than 80 countries.

Environmental Choice New Zealand specifications approved as equivalencies to WELL features are listed below. Resene has approved products in both the Paints and Detergents category, which both automatically qualify as equal to a corresponding WELL feature.

Resene has an extensive range of Environmental Choice approved paints, wood stains and coatings that have been independently verified, including no added VOCs and an extensive range of low VOC products. The first Resene products received Environmental Choice approval in 1996.  Since then, the range has expanded to include most waterborne Resene decorative products. Learn more about Resene’s sustainable offerings on the Resene website.