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Multidisciplinary designer Nick Eagles’ Resene Colour Collab palette plays a game of push-pull

15 Mar 2021

With work that spans the mediums of graphic, print, installation, spatial design and public art, it’s safe to say that Nick Eagles of The Letter Q wears many hats. In this Resene Colour Collab, Nick recently spoke with ArchitectureNow about collaboration, turning transience into sculpture and the importance of colour.

For his palette, Nick says he wanted to experiment to see what would happen if elemental hues were used to unify a family of related-yet-distinct forms. “The tonal range of colours has allowed me to decide which shapes will recede and which will emerge from the surrounding colours. It’s like you’re looking for a way for the shapes to be comfortable with one another and the palette brings that necessary cohesion.”

Nick Eagles used Resene MoccasinResene Racing GreenResene Deco, and Resene Rice Cake on models by Minka Ip at Fineworks. Art direction by Thomas Cannings and Nick Eagles, image by Toaki Okano.

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