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Six warming palettes that are perfect for the shift in season

15 Mar 2021

It’s tough to admit, but the tell-tale chill that signals the start of autumn is already in the air. As the weather continues to cools off, it can be a fitting reminder of the effect that colour selections have on the overall vibe of a project and an opportunity to double-check that the ones you’ve specified are fit for purpose.

Red and yellow based hues are great for bringing soothing warmth to projects that could benefit from a little extra calm and cosiness – namely, those that fall within the residential, commercial offices, health and beauty, hospitality and aged care sectors. And with the popularity of warmer neutrals on the rise, the use of these toasty hues like biscuit beige, rosy taupe, olive green and dusty terracotta is trending across all typologies.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out these six Resene colour palettes built with fashionable hues that will bring both the heat and some serious style.

Earthy olives

Olive green is all the rage, and for good reason. It’s classic, warming and provides that highly desirable chromatic connection to nature. Use Resene Scrub as a hero hue supported by paler mossy and lichen-like greens such as Resene Siam, Resene Bud, Resene Cargo and Resene Yuma and offset by an orange ochre like Resene Rusty Nail for a trend-forward yet classic look in a space that would benefit from a little more earthy appeal.

Background in Resene Cargo with A4 drawdown paint swatches in Resene Siam (top), Resene Scrub (middle) and Resene Bud (bottom), bowl in Resene Yuma and basket in Resene Rusty Nail. Vase by Phil Cuttance from Everyday Needs. Project by Gem Adams, image by Melanie Jenkins.

Perfect parchments

There is something really refined about a palette full of beautifully blended whites. But rather than risking your space coming out feeling too cold or glaring, start with a base in all-time favourite warm white Resene Quarter Spanish White and balance it with furniture, accents and accessories in an array of more saturated off-whites like putty, meringue, steeped tea and parchment. This combo would work just as well with traditional design elements as it would with hyper contemporary ones, or in a space with a highly textural natural vibe.

Background in Resene Quarter Spanish White with A4 drawdown paint swatches (from left to right) in Resene Rice Cake, Resene Canterbury Clay, Resene Quarter Fossil, Resene Parchment, Resene Putty, Resene Quarter Spanish White and Resene Double Pavlova, jug vase is Resene Putty and brush holder in Resene Indian Ink. Rug from The Ivy House, juicer from Everyday Needs. Project by Gem Adams, image by Melanie Jenkins.

Fiery terracotta

Over the past two years, baked clay colours like Resene Sante Fe and Resene Chelsea Gem have had a meteoric rise in popularity. Today, they are some of the most dominant trending hues around. Spicy enough to bring on the heat yet dusty and dulled enough not to overwhelm, these colours lend themselves well to a layered tonal look. Use a mix of lighter tints like Resene Alpaca and Resene Gold Coast with darker shades like Resene Korma, Resene Chelsea Gem and Resene Mai Tai blended with mid-range tones like Resene Twine, Resene Sante Fe and Resene Dark Buff for a well-rounded fully baked look fit for a fancy hotel lobby or swanky restaurant.

Background in Resene Korma with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top to bottom) Resene Chelsea Gem, Resene Alpaca, Resene Twine, Resene Santa Fe, Resene Mai Tai, Resene Korma, Resene Gold Coast, Resene Dark Buff and Resene Cod Grey, vase in Resene Gold Coast, candlestick in Resene Mai Tai and large bowl in Resene Cod Grey. Cushion and throw from Citta. Project by Gem Adams, image by Melanie Jenkins.

Tasteful taupe

For spaces that would be better served with a subtle scheme but are still lacking that little extra ‘something’, don’t look past chic classic taupe such as Resene Napa, Resene Artisan, and Resene Eighth Stonewashed. This combo would be a great fit for a doctor’s or dentist’s office where incoming patients would benefit from a calming environment without the sterility of truer whites.

Background in Resene Half Spanish White with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top to bottom) Resene Eighth Stonewashed, Resene Napa and Resene Artisan. Project by Kate Alexander, image by Bryce Carleton.

Blush beiges 

Art deco continues to be a dominant trend, but it’s one that’s been slowly evolving into different colourways. While black and white are a natural fit for this bold style, blush beiges, warm taupe and intense reds are more unexpected pairings. Yet, they blend together beautifully. Be liberal with your use of Resene Ethereal, Resene Eighth Stonewashed, Resene Napa and Resene Double Pravda to build the base of your palette, layer in some high contrast black and white décor in Resene Noir and Resene Alabaster, then finish with select accents in Resene Jalapeno and Resene Dynamite for a chic look fit for a commercial office or residential home.

Background in Resene Ethereal with A4 drawdown paint swatches (from top to bottom) in Resene Eighth Stonewashed, Resene Alabaster, Resene Napa, Resene Double Pravda, Resene Jalapeno, Resene Dynamite and Resene Noir. Rug from Freedom Furniture, patterned box, cup and saucer and tray from H&M Home. Styling by Laura Lynn Johnston, image by Bryce Carleton.

Luscious plums

Purples may be one of the most polarising colours to decorate with, but as they say, fortune favours the bold. Rather than playing to purple’s inherent romanticism, opt to use warm variations like Resene Arthouse, Resene Memory Lane or Resene RSVP as a key colour backed by Resene Elderflower and Resene Black offset by pops of an electric orange such as Resene Tangerine as part of a mid-century modern-inspired scheme. Flesh it out with black leather and chrome Le Corbusier or Barcelona loungers and acetate accessories for a sophisticated look that invites customers or guests to linger.

Background in Resene Elderflower with geometric pattern in Resene Black and A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Memory Lane, Resene RSVP and Resene ElderflowerVase from Backhouse. Project by Kate Alexander, image by Bryce Carleton.