The drama continues on Three’s The Block NZ for Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Wardrobe week

This week saw the teams on Three’s The Block NZ vying for a massive $10,000 prize for their master bedrooms, ensuites & wardrobes. With some clever building skills and creative use of Resene paint, the teams turned their master bedrooms into cosy havens. Elegant white Resene Barely There and Resene Black White were back this week, and some teams went bold with colour, incorporating greens such as Resene Green Spring and Resene Haven into the mix.  

This week wasn’t without drama with Connie & Rach disqualified from the room reveal judging for breaking the block rules. Meg & Dan were also penalised, losing the bonus point they won in the give and take fabric challenge after it was revealed that they had received help from their builder to make it. Meg & Dan took the opportunity to play their +2 Advantage, but this was cancelled out when Dylan & Keegan played their Undo card. Ultimately, Meg & Dan took out the $10,000 prize with their cosy blue and green master bedroom, ensuite & wardrobe.

We take a closer look at the four master bedrooms, ensuites & wardrobes this week:

Meg & Dan’s Winning Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Wardrobe 

Final Score: 20.5/30

Meg & Dan created a relaxing retreat in their master bedroom with a feature wall in moody Resene Stack. The surrounding walls in Resene Black White brightened the room and framed the strip of natural Resene Wallpaper Collection CR75502 above the dado. They created a small sitting area in the alcove of the master bedroom and painted the walls in Resene Green Spring; a fresh, quiet natured green. Meg & Dan played their Two-Day Head Start Advantage this week, giving them some much needed extra time to create their sophisticated room.  

Despite the extra time, Meg & Dan were still unable to finish elements of their ensuite. While the judges thought the couple hadn’t quite hit the mark in the ensuite, they loved the master bedroom and wardrobe space. Ann Louise was excited about the colour choice of the opposing Resene Stack and Resene Green Spring walls and Lauren loved the styling and use of textures. “This just feels so well put together,” says Lauren. “It’s a retreat. You could spend time in here.”  

Meg & Dan’s master bedroom paired a relaxing feature wall in Resene Stack with bright Resene Black White on the surrounding walls, trim and ceiling. The cherry blossom design on Resene Wallpaper Collection
CR75502 brings in natural elements and gives the room a Japandi feel. 

The sitting area in Meg & Dan’s master bedroom is painted in dreamy Resene Green Spring with crisp Resene Black White on the ceiling and trim. The doorway to the right leads to an extensive wall of storage and the ensuite with two showers. The side wall is in Resene Black White and Resene Wallpaper Collection
CR75502 above the dado line.

Dylan & Keegan’s Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Wardrobe 

Final Score: 18.5/30

Dylan & Keegan created the biggest ensuite in the history of Three’s The Block NZ. They incorporated hints of orange and green into their bedroom décor, continuing the colour palette from their guest bedroom. They painted the walls in Resene Eighth Truffle and trim in Resene Alabaster. The brothers took a bold step and painted a feature wall and ensuite doors in Resene Haven, a dewy grey green. The green feature wall created flow, tying together the green velvet headboard and the green tiling in the ensuite.

The judges’ opinions were divided, with Ann Louise liking the composition of the master bedroom while Lauren wasn’t so sure. “My first impression is that I like it,” says Ann Louise, who admired their creative thinking. “I applaud them for being brave and doing something different”. Chris thought that the detailing was a nice touch and the finishing was excellent. The judges’ opinions on the ensuite were unanimous, with all three judges loving the use of space and lighting.

The master bedroom in Dylan & Keegan’s house has a floor to ceiling velvet headboard that 
is highlighted with surrounding walls in Resene Eighth Truffle. The walls are further defined with trim in Resene Alabaster.      

A feature wall and ensuite doors in Resene Haven creates a soothing atmosphere in Dylan & Keegan’s master bedroom. The surrounding walls are in Resene Eighth Truffle and the trim is in Resene Alabaster.

Tim & Arthur’s Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Wardrobe

Final Score: 19/30

Tim & Arthur’s master bedroom was resplendent in Resene Black White. Resene Black White on the walls, trim and ceiling accentuated the high ceilings and made the orange hues in the décor pop. The pair navigated the amount of space they could use in the ensuite after initially struggling with a larger vanity and skylight.

The judges thought the master bedroom was simple, but that it worked. Chris liked that Tim & Arthur pared back the design to enhance the architecture of the space. “They’re really capitalising on the architecture of the building and the beautiful natural light coming through the room,” says Chris. “It is a pleasant room to be in.” He loved the choice of furniture and Ann Louise thought the bedside lights and the art print were effective. The judges appreciated the functionality and minimalist approach in the ensuite and thought it worked well with the master bedroom. “I think that a lot of buyers will appreciate that simplicity,” says Lauren.  

Similar to their family bathroom, Tim & Arthur’s ensuite’s skylight lets in an abundance of light that bounces off the ceiling in Resene Black White.

Tim & Arthur’s rustic, earthy master bedroom has a polished finish with walls and trim in clean Resene Black White

Connie & Rach’s Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Wardrobe

Final Score: Disqualified

Connie & Rach continued their elegant colour palette of Resene Barely There in their master bedroom and ensuite, painting the walls, trim and ceiling. The pair invested in top-of-the-line décor and their earthy décor colour choices are accentuated by the foggy, grey-white walls. 

The judges thought the high ceilings and simple design made the most of the smaller space. They loved the level of detail of the textured wooden headboard and the hidden storage. “It’s not the greatest sized space but they’ve definitely used every inch,” says Lauren. Ann Louise loved the two opposing textures of the concrete and the wood and Chris thought the space was well designed. “It is a small space, but I think it’s got a good simple palette that’s not overcomplicated. It’s really nicely accented with these sort of styling pieces,” says Chris. “As a first impression, you walk in and go ‘this is a really, really nice space.’” All three judges thought the ensuite was rich, colourful and well-connected to the bedroom.

Connie & Rach’s master bedroom glows with Resene Barely There on the walls, ceiling and trim. The foggy nature of Resene Barely There complements the wooden décor in the room. 

Connie & Rach’s ensuite uses sleek green-blue tiles that are highlighted by the Resene Barely There ceiling. The arched mirror from their main bathroom also makes a reappearance in the ensuite.

Published: 14 Jul 2021

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