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3 tips for using lime chip in your courtyard and garden

27 May 2021


Lime chip is a great contrasting colour to greenery and looks smart when paired with a dark fence. For contrasting fence colours try Resene Woodsman Crowshead wood stain or Resene All Black.

Lime chip is both decorative and functional when used for garden paths or leisure areas in the outdoors. From a design perspective white contrasts well with the black and grey shades of modern house colours, outdoor furniture and garden walls or fences.

Lime chip is a simple way to add elegance to your garden. Team lime chip from Central Landscape Supplies with borders using black mulch and wooden edging and fencing stained with Resene Woodsman Natural.

In dimly lit areas, lime chip will help your visitors find your front door!  Easy to lay over a base aggregate such as GAP 20 metal, a pathway or courtyard area can be achieved in a matter of hours.

3 tips for using chip in your courtyard and garden

Paving the way

Combine lime chip with concrete pavers to create classic charm in your courtyard. Lime chip is ideal for formal structured gardens alongside classic topiary plants such as buxus, thuja or European garden staples such as such as lavender and rosemary. Protect concrete pavers using Resene Walk-on Concrete Clear, a tough waterborne resin to give maximum abrasion resistance. Or try staining your concrete pavers in a contrasting colour using Resene Concrete Stain. Make sure to use lime chip over a base aggregate, try GAP 20 metal from Central Landscape Supplies.

Team with terracotta
Lime chip from Central Landscape Supplies and terracotta is a match made in heaven. Lime chip and terracotta are both key design features of Italianate gardens. Try the Tuscan look with terracotta pots or terracotta tiles protected in Resene Aquapel & Terracotta Sealer to keep your terracotta looking good.

Colour pop patio
White lime chip is the perfect contrast to colourful outdoor furniture. Painting furniture in bold colours is a quick way to revive or upcycle weather-beaten outdoor seating. The table above is Resene Optimist, the orange chair is Resene Flashback and the deep pink chair is Resene Knock Out (for an alternative in the Resene Multi-finish range try Resene Smashing). The wall is painted in Resene Onahau, the decorative shutter is in Resene Elvis (for an alternative in the Resene Multi-finish range try Resene Wet N Wild) and the pot is in Resene Pelorous.

Central Landscape Supplies is a New Zealand owned and operated family business that works to give you the best landscaping products, available when you want them, seven days a week. For more inspiration and to get more of their great advice for your patch of paradise, visit their website. 

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Published: 27 May 2021