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Before and after: kid's height chart

01 Feb 2017

The Upcycling For Good Project is a collaboration between Resene and The Salvation Army, asking keen DIYers to find pieces from The Salvation Army stores and upcycle them using Resene paint. The latest is this height chart by Sarah Herring, turned from tattered and forgotten to one ready for proud display.

You will need

Resene testpots in Resene Atlas, Resene Freelance and Resene Chalk Dust, sandpaper, Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat, washi tape, ruler, selection of brushes, and craft numbers (optional).

  • Prepare your item for painting by sanding it to remove any old paint or stain.
  • Using your testpot brush (or a roller) apply Resene Quick Dry primer to cover both sides and all edges of the height chart. Wait until this has dried completely. 

  • Carefully measure and mask out even segments for painting in your three different paint colours.
  • It’s important to remember that you are painting a height chart so your measurements need to be as accurate as possible. Where the colours change is where your key number markings will be.
  • This design started at 60cm at the base, and moved up in 15cm increments. 

  • Apply the paint to each masked segment one colour at a time.
  • Make sure each segment is completely dry before you put any masking tape on it to begin the next segment.

  • Once all the segments are painted, mark with pencil every centimetre up the side of the height chart. Where the colours change is where your numbers will be painted.
  • Paint the numbers on at each dividing line. The stick on craft numbers were bought from a stationery store and painted with the Resene testpot colours. (If you're feeling confident, hand paint these instead.)
  • Stick or paint on the large number markings in contrasting shades.

  • Finally, permanently mark each centimetre measurement up the side of the height chart with paint or a permanent marker, using a ruler for accuracy. 

  • Hang on your child’s bedroom wall 60cm from the floor and watch them grow!