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Black in the garden - a modern look amongst the plants

03 Mar 2021

Black Mulch has become the darling of urban landscaping. Black houses, black pavers and black fencing, not to mention black paint tones, are often contrasted with white, grey and brown shades in the modern landscape.

Similarly, black mulch sets off green, bronze or silvery grey foliage, making the plants ‘pop’ in the garden, keeping the weeds at bay and the moisture in the soil.

Central Landscapes’ Black Mulch is manufactured by Reharvest, a company who has been recycling wood and creating mulch for 25 years. Untreated wood pallets, no longer of use, are chipped and dyed naturally, making this mulch not just a fashionable look, but a positive environmental statement in your own backyard.

Use black mulch to create a design feature in your garden by using the dark shade to contrast with greenery and the fence colour. Nathan Dick gave this wooden fence a rusty look using Resene FX Faux Rust Effect.

Match your mulch

Black or brown painted and stained fences and retaining walls make an impact in a garden. Dark colours, paired with black mulch make green foliage appear lusher and create depth for borders that are still establishing. Try Resene All Black, a strong game-winning paint colour or Resene Woodsman Crowshead, a dark tar brown fence stain which will highlight the natural grain in timber. Choose a Resene CoolColour version which includes special pigment technology which reflects more heat. 

Fence in Resene CoolColourAll Black, concrete tiles in Resene Concrete Stain Bleached Grey, pallet table in Resene Dauntless with planter on top in Resene Chenin. Other pots in Resene Dauntless, Resene Java and Resene Dali. Use black mulch inside the pots to retain moisture and to coordinate the look.