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DIY Easter Bunny Runner

18 Mar 2021

You’ll have everyone hopping to dinner with this Easter-inspired table runner.

You will need:

  • Fabric, enough to fit length of table plus some
  • A ball of yarn
  • Fabric scissors, needle and thread
  • Bunny stencil
  • Artist’s brush and Resene testpot brush
  • Resene testpots in your choice of colours — Leigh used Resene Paper Doll, Resene Scrumptious and Resene Envy

To make the pom pom tails (you can make these while the paint is drying on your bunny runner):

Step one: Wrap yarn around two or three fingers around 100 times, and cut the end of the yarn. To make a larger pom pom wrap the yarn around more fingers.

Step two: Take a small piece of yarn (around 5cms) and wrap around the middle of the wrapped yarn, and knot tightly.

Step three: Remove the ball of strings from your fingers and cut the loops all around.

Step four: Cut off any excess yarn to even the pom poms out and fluff up.

Repeat steps 1-4 to make as many pom pom tails as you need. 

To make the bunny runner:

Step one: Use the stencil to outline the bunnies onto the fabric, spacing them equally apart.

Step two: Paint the bunny shapes with two coats of Resene paint. Leigh used Resene Paper Doll, Resene Scrumptious and Resene Envy

Step three: Once the paint is dry, hand stitch the pom poms to each bunny to create the fluffy tails.

The fabric bunny table runner is painted with Resene Paper Doll, Resene Scrumptious and Resene Envy. The table is painted in Resene Calico.

project Leigh Stockton
image Bryce Carleton
video Ben Whorwood