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Christmas DIY: No-fuss festive tree

24 Nov 2016

Looking for something a little different to hang your tinsel onto this year? This Scandi-inspired Christmas tree is a perfect, fuss-free way to get festive and will bring joy to the whole family. And it's also an easy way to decorate the bach if you're going away this summer. 

We knocked the tree together using old pallet wood, power drill and screws, and a few Resene testpots. We also upcycled old tins and coffee cups to use as a placeholder for festive treats. You could also go all out and create an advent calendar. 

You will need

Wood slats in varying sizes (drift wood, pallet wood, bed slats, etc), screws and power drill, nails and hammer, old tins/coffee cups, Resene testpots, and paint brushes. We went with a festive palette of Resene Scandi, Resene Trouble and Resene Spark. 

  • Paint your wood pieces in Resene Scandi, and leave to dry. 
  • Lay them out into a Christmas tree shape. Use the power drill and fix the pieces together.
  • Paint the tins and coffee cups and leave to dry. 
  • Nail the tins and cups into the Christmas tree, and fill up with Christmas decorations.
  • You can get really creative with the painted tins and cups. Stencil snowflakes, Christmas stockings, initials or even numbers for an oversized advent calendar.
  • It's also a great place to hang the kids' stockings.

Styling by Leigh Stockton. Photography by Bryce Carleton.
All decorations and garland from Citta.