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Create a colourful poppy wreath

22 Apr 2021

Get creative this Anzac weekend and create your own colourful poppy wreath. This wreath is perfect for your front door or letterbox. Use a vibrant red paint such as Resene Poppy to make sure your flowers stand out.

You will need:

Step 1: Start by painting the back of a large paper plate green – Fleur used Resene Green House.

Step 2: Once the plate is dry, puncture a hole in the middle of the plate and use scissors to cut out a large hole. Keep the inner circle piece as you will need this later.

Step 3: Using red paint, Fleur used Resene Poppy, paint 15 cupcake cases. Fleur painted seven larger sized cases and eight smaller ones.  Don’t worry if the cases flatten out during painting and lose their shape, this will be fixed later.

Step 4: Cut out the egg carton cups. Use scissors to shape the edges into petals and paint them with red paint – Fleur used Resene Poppy.

Step 5: Use a hot glue gun to glue the large sized cupcake cases to the paper plate. Space them evenly around the paper plate frame.

Step 6: Scrunch the cases up so that they look less flat and look more like a flower.  Next, glue on the egg carton poppies.

Step 7: Fill in any gaps with the smaller cupcake cases.

Step 8: Dab some black paint, Fleur used Resene Blackjack, into the centre of each poppy.

Step 9: Use the left over green inner circle from the paper plate to cut out some poppy leaves and glue these to the back of the plate.

Hang your poppy wreath on your letterbox or front door for Anzac Day.

project and images by Fleur Thorpe