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Create a constellation canvas

07 Jul 2021

With Matariki celebrations in full swing, brighten up your room with a moonlit starry sky using a range of Resene paints. Try painting several of these canvases in varying colours to create a gallery wall that’s sure to eclipse its neighbours.

You will need:

  • Artist’s canvas – Fleur’s was 45.5cm x 35.5cm
  • Paintbrush and small craft brush
  • Your choice of Resene testpots – Fleur used Resene Ebony Clay, Resene Black and Resene White
  • Wooden or metal skewer
  • 1 string of seed lights, 5m long, 50 lights in warm white

Step 1:
Paint the entire canvas in your mid tone colour – Fleur used Resene Ebony Clay.

2: Once the canvas is dry, use a metal or bamboo skewer to poke holes into the canvas.  Make sure you make enough holes for the number of lights on your string of seed lights.

Step 3:
From the back of the canvas, push each light into its own hole.  Secure the battery pack to the bottom inside edge of the canvas with tape.

Step 4:
Hang your canvas and enjoy!

Alternative finish:
You can add a landscape scene and moon using Resene Black and Resene White.

project and images Fleur Thorpe

Published: 07 Jul 2021