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Create a garden oasis with Central Landscapes

18 Mar 2020

A quiet city oasis is easily achievable with Central Landscapes’ products. 

Try growing your own vegetable garden in a Sleeper edged raised bed filled with quality planting media like Living Earth Garden Mix, which contains sustainably-made rich dark compost.

To lock in moisture and keep weeds at bay, try Reharvest Enviromulch. Available in fashionable black (tinted with a natural dye), it’ll make your tropical foliage really pop. 

A hard-wearing yet attractive lawn is made easy with the selection of Tournament Blend Lawn Seed and Living Earth Ultra Lawn. Regular fertilising with Turfmaster Gold will also keep your lawn looking healthy and lush.

For an attractive contrast pathway to take you from your house to the space, consider Pavers to set within your lawn. 

Visit to see the impressive range of products to help you build your dream outdoor space.

This article has been sponsored by Central Landscapes.