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Create pretty pen pots

21 Jun 2018

Looking for things to do with used tin cans instead of throwing them out? Here’s a quick way to turn them into something useful and pretty – pen pots.

Check out the huge range of wallpaper available in the wallpaper library at your local Resene ColorShop.

You will need:

  • Wallpaper sample from the Resene Wallpaper Collection – we used design GP5973 (you can buy wallpaper samples in a range of designs from Resene ColorShops)
  • Tins
  • Ruler, pencil and scissors
  • Super glue

Prep: Make sure tins are cleaned inside and out and completely dry before you apply the wallpaper.

Step one. Measure the wallpaper against the tin and cut to size.

Step two. Glue the wallpaper and roll it around the tin. Leave to dry.

Step three. Fill with your pens, pencil and highlighters, and enjoy your pretty and tidy desk.

Styling and photography by Nikki Astwood.