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Create your own clay pots

17 May 2018

Give your indoor plants and succulents the love they deserve with these homemade clay pots, decorated with a lace effect –  you won’t believe how easy they are to create yourself. Leigh Stockton shows us how.

You will need

Step one. Take a small fistful of clay and flatten/smooth it out onto the wax paper, using the rolling pin.

Step two. Place the lace on top and roll the pattern onto the clay. Remove the lace.

Step three. Place the plate on top of the clay and use it to cut out a circle shape.

Step four. Mould the clay around the cup, which will create organic waves as you do this.

Step five. Bake as per instructions.

Step six. Once set, paint the pots in Resene Half Pale Rose. Leave to dry.

Step seven. Dry brush with Resene Gold to bring out the texture of the lace.

Step eight. Fill with plants and enjoy your new pots.

Styling and project by Leigh Stockton.