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Create your own Kiwiana wall hanging

28 May 2021

Embrace our unique backyard with this quintessential Kiwiana wall hanging. With vibrant Pohutukawa flowers and a cute fantail, this piece of décor will have crafters all aflutter. Originally inspired by mid-century woodblock prints, this wall hanging has been given a modern twist, perfect for your kitchen or bach.

You will need:

Step 1: Start by sewing the two long side edges of the fabric over to give it a finished edge - the finished width of Fleur’s wall hanging is 43cm wide. Sew the top edge over to form a loop so that a length of dowel can fit.

Step 2: Use a ruler or measuring tape to find the middle width of the fabric.  Make a mark with your pencil.  Next, divide the length into three and make three evenly spaced marks.  This is where the three black circles will go.  Use a compass or a small plate and pencil to make the circles – Fleur’s circles are 16cm in diameter.

Step 3: With a small craft brush, carefully paint each of the three circles - Fleur used Resene Black.

Step 4: Between the top and middle circle, use a pencil to draw a stylised sketch of a Pohutukawa flower.

Step 5: Paint the flower using your choice of red and green – Fleur used Resene Pohutukawa and Resene Goblin.

Step 6: Next, between the middle and the bottom circle, sketch a stylised fantail and paint it with your choice of colours. Fleur used Resene Black, Resene Rebel and Resene Rusty Nail.  Use an off white to paint the eye – Fleur used Resene Truffle.

Step 7: To finish, use a compass to create arches radiating out from the circles.  Make sure they are evening spaced - Fleur’s are 2cm apart.  Carefully paint the arches with a stiff small craft brush – Fleur used Resene Black.

Step 8: Thread a length of dowel through the loop at the top of the material and hang using a length of string.

Project and images Fleur Thorpe

Published: 28 May 2021