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DIY Easter bunny favours

24 Mar 2021

While the kids may be sorted with Easter egg hunts, don’t forget the adults - keep them sweet with these Easter bunny favours, filled with some of their favourite holiday treats.  

You will need:

  • Serviettes or plain, lightweight fabric (we recommend recycling old sheets or using offcuts cut to 27x27cms and double hemmed)
  • Artist brushes, including liner brush
  • Resene testpots in your choice of colours — Leigh used Resene Fountain Blue and Resene Golden Tainoi for the napkins and Resene Wild Thing and Resene Pelorous for the beads
  • Mini Easter eggs
  • Large hole wooden beads (Leigh used 35mm beads)
  • Ribbon

Step one: Take the serviette and unfold it twice into a larger square.

Step two: Paint your pattern onto the different squares. We did horizontal lines on ours, in different colours.  Once dry, fold diagonally from each side to form creases.

Step three:  Take the large beads and paint in complementary colours.

Step four: Once dry, use the liner brush to paint a bunny face onto each one.

Step five: With the square open, place mini Easter eggs into the middle.

Step six: Pinch two corners of the side together, using the creases to pull the serviette or fabric in between to the centre. Repeat on the other side to create a boat-like shape.

Step seven: Wrap at centre, to create a bag for the eggs, with the bunny ears at top.

Step eight: Twist until the top is able to fit its way through the bead hole. 

Step nine: Pull the bunny ears through the beads and separate them to perfect the shape.  

Step ten: Finish with a ribbon bow around the bunny’s neck.

project Leigh Stockton
image Bryce Carleton
video Ben Whorwood