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DIY Easter egg wreath

24 Mar 2021

In the spirit of Easter, we created this colourful egg-floral wreath that’s sure to be adored on your door.

We show you how.

You will need:

Step one: Take one of the branches and cut it to size according to your wreath. This will become your “measuring stick” to cut the rest of the branches to size. Note: Leigh only decorated the bottom half of the wreath with branches.

Step two: Take four of the branches, and tie them together, leaving 4cm top and bottom untied. Repeat until you have enough to cover the wreath.

Step three: Thread through and tie onto the wreath, rearranging the leaves to cover the twine.

Step four: Take the tissue paper and thread through the top wreath frame, to create a nest for the eggs to be glued onto.

Step five: Paint the eggs in your chosen Resene colours to create the pattern or look you desire. Leigh used Resene Paper DollResene GeronimoResene ScrumptiousResene GloriousResene VibeResene Wet N WildResene PelorousResene Comfort ZoneResene Soft Apple and Resene True Blue. Leave to dry.

Step six: Arrange your ribbon into place, at top centre, to help with egg placement.

Step seven:  Arrange the eggs, and glue onto the tissue paper and wreath.

Step eight: Cut away any excess tissue paper, and you’re done! Enjoy your beautiful, seasonal wreath.

Top tip: For a little extra shimmer and shine, try painting some of the eggs with Resene FX Metallic.

project Leigh Stockton
image Bryce Carleton
video Ben Whorwood