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DIY to keep the kids entertained

18 Jul 2017

Enjoy the last bit of the school holidays with these fun DIY projects from Kiwi Families. From concrete planters to a giant lightning bolt, there's a project for everyone... all you need is a space to get creative, Resene paint and a few tools.

DIY blackboard cloud and electric blue lightning bolt

Bring a bit of spark to your kid's bedroom. They'll love helping you to paint their very own lightning bolt. 

You will need: a small sheet of plywood, jigsaw, sandpaper, pencil, Resene Blackboard Paint, testpot in Resene Riptide, and paintbrush or small roller.

Learn how to make it here

DIY travel chalkboard clipboard and free printables

Car travel just became a lot more fun with these travel chalkboard clipboards! 

You will need: a clipboard, Resene Blackboard Paint, paintbrush or small roller, light sandpaper (optional), and painter's tape.

Learn how to make it here.

How to make a DIY concrete planter

This project will delight both kids and adults alike. Learn how to make these cute little concrete planters together, and let the kids loose with Resene testpots to decorate.  

You will need: large plastic cup, small plastic cup, cement, spray oil, a bucket for mixing the cement, test pots in Resene Dark Knight, Resene Heartbreaker and Resene Gelato, a paint brush, and washi tape.

Learn how to make it here.

Projects by Alayna Flighty for Kiwi Families