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DIY: Painted silhouettes

02 Mar 2017

Silhouette art is an elegant and timeless way to display portraits of your loved ones. Here's a simple DIY that modernises silhouettes, and would look great anywhere in the home. All it takes is one Resene testpot, pieces of wood offcuts, and a few other accessories. 

You will need
Printed photos of your kids, yourself, pets, etc. taken in profile (on the side), scissors, double-sided tape/Blu-Tack®, pencil, offcut pieces of wood, craft paintbrushes, and testpot in Resene Triple Blanc.

  • Taking the photos, cut around the silhouette of the subject's head to use as an outline.
  • Using double-sided tape or Blu-Tack®, stick them to your wood. 
  • With the pencil, draw around your head cut-outs onto the wood.

  • Paint the outline of the head with a small paintbrush and Resene Triple Blanc testpot.
  • With a bigger paint brush, paint the interior of the head.  

  • Repeat until all the silhouettes are complete.

Project and photographs by Fleur Thorpe.