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DIY paua-look artwork

29 May 2018

Using stunning Resene sea blues, can you believe this paua inspired artwork was created using potato printing? Nikki Astwood shows us how.

You will need:

Step one. Take one of the potato quarters and dip the bottom lightly into the Resene Seagull testpot. Alternatively, you could pour a small amount of paint onto an ice cream lid and dip from there. 

Step two. Print onto the canvas, alternating the position of the potato between each print as shown below. To create an ombre effect, use the paint colours in this order: Resene St Kilda, Resene Calypso, Resene Hemisphere and Resene Seagull.

Step three. Repeat the pattern right until you reach the bottom of the canvas. Leave to dry and your new art print is ready to go.

Styling and photography by Nikki Astwood of Revised Edition.