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DIY wallpaper plant pot covers

06 Jun 2019

Pretty up some plant pots with some favourite designs from the Resene Wallpaper Collection in this quick and easy craft.

You will need:

  • Wallpaper - you can buy many designs in cut to length sizes. Fleur used (from left to right in the final photo) Resene Wallpaper Collection 219280, 605648, F023806 (for a current alternative try LL-05-03-8) and 34216-9
  • Calculator
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Masking tape or glue
  • Small drip tray or plate

Step 1 To make these cute pot plant pot covers, you need to do some maths, so get out your trusty calculator.  Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the diameter of your plant pot’s drip tray/plate, or the top of the pot – whatever is the widest part. Multiply this number by the circumference of the pot, which is pi 3.14.  Add to this number another 2cm for an overlap.  This final figure is the width of the paper that you need to cut.  For example, if the diameter of your plate is 20cm, multiply that by 3.14 which equals 62.8cm, then add on 2cm, which equals 64.8cm (20cm x 3.14 + 2cm = 64.8cm). 

Top tip: If the wallpaper you’ve chosen isn’t quite wide enough, add in an insert of extra paper.

Next, measure the height of your pot. Add to this number, half the measurement of the diameter that you measured before. Add to this another 3cm. This will give you the length of the paper that you need to cut.  For example, if your pot height is 18cm, add on half the diameter of the plate, which is 10cm (half of 20cm), then add on another 3cm (18cm + 10cm + 3cm = 31cm).  

Based on the two figures that you have worked out, cut the wallpaper to size, eg 64.8cm wide by 31cm tall.

Step 2 Turn the paper into a tube and staple the join together with the 2cm overlap that was allowed for.

Step 3 Flatten the tube slightly and measure the width. Halve this figure and then fold up the bottom by that amount. For example, the width of Fleur’s flattened tube was 26cm so she folded up the bottom by 13cm.

Step 4 Open the fold up and push down the two sides to form triangles.  The two sides should meet. Fold in the top and bottom corners and secure with glue or tape.

Step 5 Open up the bag, flatten out the bottom and ease it into shape. Check the height of the bag against your pot then fold down the top of the bag so that it is the same height as your pot. You can fold the top in or out, depending on the look you like.  Fleur folded hers in for a more seamless look – and so she could see more of the beautiful paper!

As these bags are not water-proof, they must have a drip tray/plate in the bottom of them to protect them (and your flooring). Be sure to put one in before you put in your plant.

Fleur made her bags (from left to right) using Resene Wallpaper Collection 219280, 605648, F023806 and 34216-9. In the background, Resene Wallpaper Collection Anaglypta 2011 RD0151 has been painted with Resene Cararra.

styling Fleur Thorpe