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Easy DIY: Joy to the world

29 Nov 2018

Make these cheeky little Santas from logs, and a joyful sign from a piece of old timber with just a few Resene testpots.

Christmas sign

You will need:

  • Resene FX Crackle effect - this causes the topcoat to shrink and crack, giving an aged look
  • Testpots in in your choice of colours. We used Resene Double Blanc and Resene Lonestar?
  • Board – this is salvaged pine from an old pallet (45cm tall x 14cm at widest point)
  • Sandpaper, medium grit
  • Paint brush
  • Small piece of sponge
  • Printout of the word Joy
  • Tape

Step 1: Prepare your board by sanding any rough areas with medium grit sandpaper.

Paint Resene Double Blanc over your board. For a more rustic look don’t go right to the edges, allowing some weathered timber to show.

Step 2: Once the painted area has dried, cover it with Resene FX Crackle effect.  Leave to dry for two hours.

Step 3: Cut out your Joy letters and use loops of tape to stick them to your board.  Make sure the letters are evenly spaced and straight.  Using a small piece of foam sponge, dab Resene Lonestar over the letters, making sure to cover all the Resene Double Blanc paint. 

Step 4: Carefully remove the letters while the paint it still wet. 

Top tip: If you want to give your finished piece a more aged and distressed look, wait until it is fully dry then lightly sand it all over with medium grit sandpaper.

Santa logs

You will need

Step 1: Cut one end of each of your logs at 45 degrees. Make sure they are different heights; the ones in our photos are 25cm, 20cm and 17cm. Also ensure the bottom of the log is flat enough to stand up. Give the cut end a quick sand with medium grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Paint the top third of the cut end with Resene Monza. This is the hat.

Step 3: Paint the bottom third with Resene Half Sea Fog. Try using plenty of paint, and dabbing it for a textured look, so it looks like a beard. Add a thin strip of Resene Half Sea Fog for the fur trim of the hat.

Step 4: Use a cotton bud to dot on the eyes, using Resene Nero.

Step 5: Use a saw to cut the end off each wooden clothes pegs and glue these on for the noses. Alternatively, you could use a wooden bead.

Styling and photography by Fleur Thorpe