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Easy DIY: leafy wall-hanging

07 Mar 2017

It's officially autumn, and this fun wall art project manages to combine the feeling of autumn with the colours and shapes of summer. Nikki Astwood of Revised Edition has created this mini makeover specially for Habitat by Resene readers, using a variety of fresh greens and turquoises (Resene Bingo, Resene Home Run, Resene Niagara, Resene Vitality, Resene She'll Be Right) as well as Resene Ruby Tuesday (coral) and Resene Sakura (pink). 

You will need some some leaves from the garden to use as templates, Resene testpots in your chosen colours, some scissors, a pencil, heavy paper, testpot paint brushes, glue as well as a slender rod and string for hanging. 

Trace the shapes of your leaves onto the paper, cut out and paint with your chosen colour. Then assemble your hanging by layering the leaves in formation. Use a loose triangle shape like ours, placing larger leaf shapes first, folding their top edges over the rod. Glue the other leaves in place then attach the string to the rod and hang.