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Easy DIY: peeping eyes art

22 Jun 2017

This cool DIY project caught our eye, using framed art brought for a song from an op shop and painted using Resene testpots. 

You will need: three pieces of art in frames (these are from a secondhand store), low tack masking tape, ruler, pencil, paintbrushes, and testpots in your favourite colours. Fleur used Resene Saratoga, Resene St Kilda and Resene Coral Tree. 

On the art, mask off for colour just below the eyes. Use a ruler and pencil for straight lines. Paint the bottom half using the testpots – Fleur has used Resene Saratoga (blue), Resene St Kilda (green) and Resene Coral Tree (pink). 

Before the paint dries, peel back the tape and leave to dry. 

Display your new contemporary art pieces on your mantelpiece or walls. 

Photographs and styling by Fleur Thorpe.

Published: 22 Jun 2017