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Easy DIY: Quote art

10 Aug 2017

Don't disregard the pile of artworks in your local op shop – there's treasure to be found there. Find a piece that inspires you (landscapes are always a winner!) and give it a new life by painting a short, but delightful, quote over the top. Fleur Thorpe shows us how with this easy DIY. 

You will need

Quote, printed onto paper
Painter's tape
Testpot in Resene Triple Blanc 
Small paintbrush

Step 1: Choose your quote and print it at a size that will fit on to your artwork.

Step 2: Cut out the letters and arrange them onto the artwork.  Use a ruler to check that they are aligned evenly and horizontal.

Step 3: Using loops of painter's tape on the back of the letters, stick them to the artwork.

Step 4: Trace around the outside of the letters on to the art, using the pencil. Carefully remove the letters.

Step 5: With the paintbrush and testpot in Resene Triple Blanc, outline the letters and then fill them in until all the words are complete. 


Use the look of the artwork to inspire the colour palette and styling around it. Like the quote says – be wild and free!