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Easy makeover: magazine rack

25 Jul 2017

Transform a plain wicker magazine rack with a modern and colourful update using Resene testpots. Sarah Herring shows us how.

You will need:

  • Wicker magazine rack
  • Craft beads and cord
  • Masking tape
  • Testpots in Resene Licorice, Resene Pale Rose, Resene Black and Resene Gold
  • Paintbrushes 

Start by giving the magazine rack a good dust and clean and then paint in Resene Licorice. Leave to dry.

Mask off two triangle shapes and paint in Resene Pale Rose, removing the tape before the paint dries.

For a nice finish, paint the metal frame in Resene Black.

Taking the craft beads, paint a selection in three different colours using Resene Licorice, Resene Pale Rose and Resene Gold. 

Once the beads are dry, divide them into even patterns and thread them onto craft cord. Finish by tying them onto either end of the magazine rack.

Add your magazines and enjoy your new look magazine rack!

This DIY is brought to you by Upcycling for Good, a collaboration between Resene and The Salvation Army family stores. The project asks keen DIYers to upcycle second-hand items using Resene paint – look out for this regular feature on Habitat by Resene.