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Get Growing: make a heat pump cover

01 Dec 2016

With The Get Growing Roadshow makeover project at Natalie and Matt's garden nearly finished, there's still one unsightly area that needs to be addressed. It's typical of a relatively new problem faced by many homeowners.

The heat pump unit attached to the side of the house sits alongside the patio and looks out of place when surrounded by the sparkling new patio, rejuvenated fences and beautiful garden. Landscape designer Justin Newcombe’s solution is to create a versatile bench to conceal the heat pump and provide table-top space next to the barbecue. The bench sides use slats to maintain all-important airflow around the pump. 

This bench is made using left-over materials from a previously built privacy screen and steps. 


1. Measure the dimensions of the heat pump unit then add 50mm right around to make sure there is plenty of room for air to flow.

2. Make a frame, then cut and nail the slats into the frame, leaving gaps for airflow. The Get Growing bench had 50mm gaps but check requirements with the manufacturer of your particular brand of heat pump. 

3. Arrange the bench top pieces then glue and clamp them together. Screw into the top of the frame.

4. Once the glue is dry give the whole bench unit a final sand and at least two coats of paint. This bench is painted in Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen in Resene Chocolate. This is beautiful warm tone which has been used in other parts of the garden.

5. Protect the bench top with a couple of coats of Resene Furniture and Decking Oil.

This is the final episode of this season of The Get Growing Roadshow. Watch for next year’s series on Choice TV. 

Published: 01 Dec 2016