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Get Growing: refresh a deck

07 Nov 2016

Decks are such a handy part of any garden. Adding a deck can easily extend the usable area of any house, especially when it’s around the same height as the floor inside. 

The owners of the makeover garden on this series of The Get Growing Roadshow, Natalie and Matt, have just such a deck, leading out from the main living area through a set of french doors. Over time the deck has become cluttered and tired, and the original coating of stain has worn and not been replenished.

The first thing landscape designer Justin Newcombe advised in episode seven of the inspiring TV show was to declutter the deck. It was then brought back to life with fresh paint.

A relatively dark colour was chosen: Resene Lumbersider CoolColour low sheen tinted to Resene Ironsand.  This gave the deck a contemporary look, which tied in nicely with the house and the new paving, drawing both the existing house and the new landscaping together. The new finish made the deck instantly pop and instead of looking tired and worn, it looked as good as new.

Here’s how to refresh your deck:


1. Clean and sand the existing deck to remove dirt, grime and any rough patches. Many decks won’t need sanding – all that is needed is a wash with Resene Timber and Deck Wash to clean it ready for recoating.

2. Apply a coat of Resene Wood Primer. This is an important step as it will make the finished paint colour much richer in appearance. Allow to dry.

3. Paint with Resene Lumbersider CoolColour low sheen in Resene Ironsand.  

4. Paint the edges and the first coat with a brush, making sure to get paint in all the gaps between the decking boards.

5. Allow the first coat to dry, then apply the second coat with a roller to give an even finish.

Watch the next episode of The Get Growing Roadshow this Friday at 9.30 on Choice TV.