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Give your table a colour splash

12 Apr 2018

Looking to add a splash of colour to your home? Create statement vases and coasters with your favourite Resene colours. It’s a handy way to get accent colour that complements your home and any other artwork and features you may have. Sarah Eberhardt shows us how.

Statement vases

You will need:

Old glass bottles and vases

Resene Lustacryl.  Sarah used Resene Morning Glory, Resene Tranquil, Resene Fountain Blue, Resene Hippie Blue, Resene Snowy Mint and Resene Freelance.  You could also use Resene testpots of these colours if you only need a small amount.

Step one. Wash and thoroughly dry bottles and vases.

Step two. Pour in a little paint and swirl it around until it coats the entire inside of the bottles and vases, tip out excess and leave until thoroughly dry upside down and then up the right way.

Step three. Use the vases as a decorative feature or fill with flowers.

These vases may be used long term with dried flower arrangements or decorative twigs. Or you can fill with water and use with real flowers, but the paint finish isn’t designed for ongoing use in water.

Colourful coasters

You will need:

Round coasters
Painters tape
Round stickers, Sarah used Esselte Quick Stick MC19
Sandpaper 120 grit
Resene Quick Dry Sealer
Resene Lustacryl in Resene Morning Glory, Resene Kitsch and Resene Freelance

Step one. Lightly sand the picture side and edges of the coasters, wipe sanding dust off with a damp cloth.

Step two. Paint picture side and edges of the coasters with a coat of Resene Quick Dry sealer and leave to dry.

Step three. Paint with two coats of Resene Morning Glory, leaving to dry between coats.

Step four. Use painter’s tape and round stickers to mask off areas and create stripes and spots on each of your coasters.

Step five. Paint another coat of Resene Morning Glory over the tape and stickers to seal the edges and prevent your next paint colour bleeding under the tape and stickers. This step will give you sharp edges. Leave to dry.

Step six. Paint with two coats of paint colour Resene Kitsch, leaving to dry between coats. Remove tape and round stickers. Use more masking tape to create stripes in your third colour – paint with two coats of Resene Freelance, leaving to dry between coats.

Step seven. Once dry remove tape and enjoy your new coasters or give them away as a recycled gift.

Top tip: Use Resene testpots instead of Resene Lustacryl.  Leave to dry as is or once dry finish with two coats of your chosen Resene clear finish.