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How to make a key holder

12 Apr 2018

Always losing your keys? Get organised with this DIY key holder, designed to be useful while looking stylish.  

You will need: 

Timber offcut 
Pencil and ruler 
Table saw 
Resene testpots in Resene St Kilda, Resene Ming, Resene Green Mist, Resene Kalgoorie Sands and Resene Crail 
Resene testpot brushes 
Sawtooth hooks and hammer 
Leather string 
Large beads painted  

Step one. Take the timber offcut and mark five sections. 

Step two. Saw the lines two thirds of the way through. 

Step three. Sand the offcut and paint the individual blocks of colour with the Resene testpot colours above (use masking tape if you need to). Leave to dry. 

Step four. Paint the reverse in Resene St Kilda. Leave to dry. 

Step five. Hammer the hooks and hang up the key holder.  

Step six. Paint beads in the same colours that as the key holder. 

Step seven. Cut pieces of leather and string your keys and painted beads onto either ends. They’re now ready to hang in your key holder.