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Keep concrete looking… like concrete

17 Aug 2016

In a time of honest materials and rustic good looks, concrete is a rising star. Used for floors, as a shuttered or planked wall, formed into furniture, or as a benchtop, its uses are as varied inside as out.

Robust as it may seem, concrete can still get pretty grimy. It’s a porous material, after all. Over time, dust and dirt can become engrained into the surface.

Resene have a range of products to help. Resene Concrete Wax, which is a satin glaze is ideal for benchtops and floors, makes scratches easy to repair and the surface much easier to clean. They are non-yellowing, resistant to alkaline cleansers, chipping, peeling, oil and fat splashes. Or for walls and vertical surfaces use Resene Concrete Clear, a tough waterborne glaze available in gloss, satin and flat.

All of these products are Environmental Choice approved and low odour. See here.

Published: 17 Aug 2016