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Liven up your kitchen with three courses of colour

13 May 2021

Spice up your kitchen with a splash of colour and a dash of style. Gone are the days when kitchens had to be plain neutrals and whites. Now, Resene’s smorgasbord of colours ensure there’s a palette-able kitchen colour for everyone.

It has been proven that certain colours alter our perception of food and make food more appealing. Bright wall colours are reminiscent of sweet fruits and lollies, while yellow, which is associated with happiness, stimulates your appetite. With that in mind, here’s three drool-worthy kitchen ideas to try. 


A wall in Resene Coral Tree is a fun way to bring colour to the kitchen. Kitchenware includes a green Zip Retro Vintage Kettle and Toaster and a Kenwood Chef Mixer, all from Briscoes.

A sprinkling of fresh berries doesn’t just work well over fluffy pancakes. Try berry colours on your walls too. Resene Coral Tree is a soft and dusty red that is restrained while still being tasteful. If vibrancy is more your thing, try a vivid Resene Red Berry feature wall. Pair your red kitchen walls with a crisp Resene Black White ceiling or give the room a drizzle of honey with a Resene Galliano trim.


Achieve a neutral colour scheme, perfect as a backdrop to your colourful kitchen appliances, with walls in Resene Midwinter Mist and trim in Resene Alabaster. Glass bakeware and utensils all from Briscoes.

Dine in style when you paint your walls in Resene Midwinter Mist. With its quiet and uncomplicated tone, a dining wall in Resene Midwinter Mist will give you the freedom to experiment with colourful décor. A sure-fire way to achieve elegant simplicity in your dining room is to use a wooden dining table. Try upcycling a pine table and finish it with Resene Colorwood Natural wood stain. We not only eat on our dining tables, but we often also bake, craft, or write. Protect your table from wear and tear by varnishing it.  


Resene Boulevard is a calming grey blue and green amalgamation, perfect for a cottage kitchen. Kitchenware includes Zip Elegance Cookware sets from Briscoes.

With Resene ColourMatch online, choosing colours is a piece of cake. Simply select a photo from your computer or smartphone and the app will instantly match your chosen colour to the nearest Resene paint colour. If you’re unsure where to start, why not try muted versions of your favourite foods or dishes? Tomato reds, pasta creams and basil greens are all good places to start. If you’re after a more elegant feature wall or splashback, use deeper colours that are still muted, such as Resene Cabbage Pont or Resene Cocoa Bean

Published: 13 May 2021