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Make a pallet wall garden

08 Oct 2015

This pallet garden is a breeze to make and looks great hanging on a fence in your backyard or patio – simply fill with your pick of succulents, herbs, flowers or veges. Thanks to Palmers for sharing this easy outdoors project.

What you will need

A pallet (you can usually pick an old one up from the side of the road for free in industrial areas)
Resene Lumbersider in your chosen colour, or keep it looking natural with a layer of Resene Waterborne Woodsman
Extra pieces of wood (try decking timber)
Plants that don’t require a lot of water
A few sheets of plastic for lining 
Staple gun

Top tip:When choosing your pallet, look for one that requires as little work as possible.

1. Measure and cut pieces of wood to create planter boxes at each level and screw them on. You may be better off removing slats from the existing pallet and placing them on the front to keep the rustic feel.

2. Water down your white paint two parts water to one part paint and brush it on all over. If using a stain, paint as recommended.

3. Once it’s dry, cut your plastic to size and staple onto the inside of each planter pocket. Cut off any excess pieces of plastic. Hang your pallet planter now, as will be heavy once soil has been added.

4. Add your plants and fill the remaining spots with extra soil. If you need inspiration, check out Palmers' handy guide below on bee-friendly plants for your garden. And click on the image for more bee-friendly tips!