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This DIY concrete bench seat is chock-a-block with colour

29 Jul 2021

Block in some time for creativity this weekend and create a colourful concrete bench. Brick by brick, this bench comes to life and subtle use of Resene paint in the negative spaces adds interest while not overwhelming the aesthetic. Jazz it up with some colourful pillows or surrounding flowerpots painted in bright Resene colours. 

You will need:

Step 1: Start by painting the inside of each concrete block hole with Resene Concrete Primer.

Step 2: Once the primer is dry, paint the holes in a variety of terracotta colours such as Resene Shilo, Resene Coral Tree, Resene Apple Blossom, Resene Hot August, Resene Japonica and Resene Sunbaked.

Step 3:
To assemble the bench seat, set up the first layer of blocks as shown.  Make sure the surface you build your bench seat on is flat and strong enough to hold the weight.

Step 4:
For the next layer, off-set the blocks using a similar technique to laying a brick wall.  This will create a stronger structure.

Step 5:
Finish with a third layer of blocks and top with a piece plywood and a squab cushion.

project and images Fleur Thorpe

Published: 29 Jul 2021