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Vertical vege garden

04 Jul 2017

Lacking space? This vertical vege garden could be the answer, made from just one sheet of ply.

You will need
From one sheet of marine ply, cut the following shapes (or have your local store do it for you):

Two at 825mm x 300mm and one at 1100mm x 300mm for the side panels
Four at 600mm x 300mm for the bottom plates
Four at 600mm x 275mmfor the back plates
16 slats at 600mm x 50mm

Pre-paint the side panels, back and bottom plates in Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene All Black. Or you can do this once the frame is made. Pre-paint the slats in your chosen colours. We used Resene ASAP, Resene Left Field, Resene Wheel Of Fortune and Resene Limerick.

Step 1: Make the black frame by screwing the back and side panels together as shown, then attach the bottom plates of each box area. The long side panel goes in the middle and the short ones on the sides – one high and one low.

Use stainless steel screws for longevity. Drill drainage holes in the base of the boxes.

Step 2: Attach the frame to your chosen wall or fence, making sure it is level.

Step 3: Attach the slats, leaving a 25mm space between them.

Step 4: Make polythene liners using four rectangles of polythene measuring 1150mm x 850mm. Fold as you would a gift and staple the corners. Make drainage holes in the bottom. Fill with soil and get planting. You could also stand black plastic plant pots inside the boxes, and grow your vegetables in those.