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You’ll be right as rain with these 3 wet weather family DIY projects

14 Jul 2021

Don’t let winter rain on your parade, bring the fun inside instead. Spend some quality time with the kids these school holidays and help them create a terrific toy box on wheels, colourful stencil wall art or a magical indoor play tent. These crafts are sure to keep the whole family occupied for many fun-filled hours. These DIY projects do involve using tools and building equipment, so adult help and supervision is key. Crack out those Resene testpots you’ve been saving for a rainy day and get painting!

On the move

This handy toy box is painted in Resene Alabaster with colourful dots in Resene Blackout and Resene Spotlight. Project by Gem Adams. Image by Melanie Jenkins.

Tidying up has never been more fun with this colourful toy box on wheels. Not only is this cart a fun way for your child to wheel around their favourite toys, but at the end of a long day of playing it’s even easier to tidy up. If you’re toying with the idea of creating one yourself, you can find the instructions here 

Camp out

This fun play tent comes alive with Resene Goldmine, Resene Frozen and Resene Smiles. Project by Leigh Stockton. Image by Melanie Jenkins.

Have an adventure without leaving the living room with this magical play tent. Take hide and seek to the next level with this indoor fort that’s a perfect refuge from pillow fights or a relaxing haven to gaze up at a ceiling of handmade stars.

Find the easy step-by-step instructions for this tent here

On a roll

These beautiful paper butterflies are made out of wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection 606874. Project by Leigh Stockton. Image by Bryce Carleton.

These creative wall butterflies prove that wallpaper can be fun. Using a selection of floral Resene wallpapers keeps the garden theme aflutter in this artistic bedroom idea. Don’t just limit yourself to butterflies, there’s a world of wonderful wallpaper just waiting to be discovered and using the Resene KidzColour stencil templates you can create everything from a vibrant carnival to a prehistoric land of dinosaurs. Here’s some tips to get you started  

Tips for painting inside:

When painting inside with kids, always cover your painting area with a drop cloth or newspaper to avoid getting paint drips on your furniture or floor. Designating a painting area also helps to keep all your DIY materials together in one place.

Wintery weather can mean paint doesn’t dry as quickly as it would in the summertime. Turn on the heater to help warm things up.  You can also keep your painting projects in a dry room or dry them lightly with a hairdryer positioned 30cm away from your project. Use a medium setting to avoid bubbling the paint. 

Published: 14 Jul 2021