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Dotty artwork helps artist see the big picture

03 Mar 2022

JoLeesi’s artworks are definitely worth a second look. On first impression they look like beautiful abstract designs bursting with Resene colour but it’s only on closer inspection that the mesmerising and intricate beauty truly unfolds. The Christchurch artist creates pointillist artworks made up of hundreds and thousands of painted dots, which when combined, form a bigger picture. Her circular designs range inside from 30cm rounds to whopping 1.1m circle, all packed with detail.

‘SnöwFläkë’ is one of JoLeesi’s most popular pieces and is painted with Resene White with many metallic colours including. Resene FX Metallic Blast Grey 1, Resene FX Metallic Blast Grey 2, Resene FX Metallic Blast Grey 3, Resene FX Metallic Aluminium, Resene FX Metallic Infinity, Resene FX Metallic Light Year, Resene FX Metallic Silver Steel and Resene FX Metallic Allusive.  “I have re-created this numerous times with different colour palettes but all using the white background,” she says.

Amazingly despite their complex beauty JoLeesi has only been painting since 2019 when she began painting as a form of therapy.

“I was going through an extremely challenging time in my life after having lost my mum and sister in a close period of time. It all started from doodling, and it quickly became obvious to me how therapeutic I found painting. I could say that art found me in some ways.”

Growing up JoLessi’s family used Resene in their home so it was her obvious paint of choice. The tools she uses to create her perfect circles vary however.

“The bigger the dot, the harder it is to make it perfect. The tools I use to create dots are anything from a flat head circle to a round sphere. Different tools make different kind of dots.”

‘UnCöndïtïonäl’ was created for JoLeesi’s son Marley. The artwork includes Resene Yeehaa, Resene FX Metallic Copper Fire, Resene Hot Toddy, Resene Bowie, Resene Lip Service, Resene Outrageous and Resene FX Metallic Fantasia.

JoLessi finds her inspiration all around her and loves the colour variety in the Resene range. Although she loves to challenge herself by creating art with unusual colour combinations like mustard and blush pink, her favourite Resene colours are fuchsias and hot pinks like Resene Colour Me Pink and Resene Lip Service.

“I love the endless options I have when painting, from my colour palettes to the concept ideas. The end result is always a surprise and always brings me joy. I feel love pouring into every piece.”

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Published: 03 Mar 2022