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Dunedin School of Art's collaborative and colourful project

24 Aug 2023

A group of students at Dunedin School of Art have embarked on a BVA (Batchelor of Visual Arts) collaborative project. This project was a vital component of a five-day course based around the exploration of colour theory using Resene paints, bringing together 15 talented students eager to dive into the world of colour in art.

The students began with selected Resene colour combinations derived from the colour wheel, delving into the realms of split complementary and tetrad combos. Armed with their range of hues, the students began to unleash the boundless possibilities of Resene paint. They were encouraged to break free from the constraints of forms or symbols, giving full reign to their creativity and imagination.

On A1 paper canvases, the artists explored the interplay of colours, experimenting with various techniques and brushstrokes. The absence of predefined shapes or symbols allowed them to delve deeper into the essence of colour itself, making the project a unique and liberating experience for each participant.

As the students' artistic journeys progressed, they each crafted compositions within a grid framework. Despite the diversity of their individual approaches, a common thread united their creations - a vibrant curated colour palette that tied their artworks together in an awe-inspiring display of cohesion. 

The culmination of their hard work and dedication came with a grand public exhibition at the Dunedin School of Art. The students proudly showcased their best works from the semester, offering an immersive experience that transported visitors into a world of colours and untamed creativity.

Beyond the brushstrokes lay a profound message - the beauty of creativity lies in breaking boundaries, embracing diversity and unleashing the true essence of art. The Dunedin School of Art's collaborative project not only nurtured young talent but also reminded the world that art knows no bounds when it comes to exploring the endless possibilities of colours. 

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Published: 24 Aug 2023