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Finding the colour you want is as simple as 1, 2, 3

12 May 2020

Have you recently come across a colour you’d love to use on a project? Maybe it was at the beach, on a swatch of fabric or on a building. But, maybe you’re not sure what that colour is or how to describe it? The Resene ColourMatch online tool can help.

This simple to use colour-matching tool allows you to simply take a picture from your smartphone or one you have saved on your computer and it will instantly match your chosen colour in the image to a close Resene paint colour.

All you have to do is …

Go to:

  1. Upload a photo of the colour that has caught your eye.
  2. Tap the part of the photo you’d like to match to.
  3. Then click Match.  Resene Colour Match online will find the nearest Resene colour and its complementary colours.


You can also click on other parts of your image to find other similar Resene colours.

It’s an easy way to start narrowing down your colour choices.  Resene staff can also assist in showing you other colours close to your choice.

Or if you need a precise colour match, bring a sample of the colour into your local Resene ColorShop or reseller and ask our staff about our colour match paint service.

Happy colouring!