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House plants – the perfect pick-me-up

04 May 2015

Are you tired of being part of the urban jungle – that’s the one without many plants? You needn't miss out on the relaxing way plants make you feel. Opt for some potted house plants.

Plants improve indoor air quality, according to research by the University of Technology, Sydney. Indoor plants also offer glimpses of a natural world beyond the walls, especially if you live in a city apartment.

The link between plants and air quality was first discovered in NASA experiments: “If you put indoor plants in these simulated space ships, certain aspects of the air quality were better,” Dr Fraser Torpy of UTS reported .

In fact, take some of your plants to work, too. Washington State University research demonstrated that people working an environment with plants were 12% more productive and 18% less stressed than those who had plant-free desks!

But what about the costs of buying plants? Surprisingly plants won’t break the bank. They could even top it up! Plants cool by a process called transpiration which regulates the ambient air temperature and humidity levels. This natural air conditioning system saves money and is far more environmentally friendly.

Potted plants also provide noise absorption by muffling ambient sound waves. Oxford University research shows a simple row of 2-3 small plants can reduce noise by five decibels. So dispense with the ear plugs and get some potted plants.

To find the perfect indoor plant for you, visit your local garden retailer.

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