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Shipwreck Trading brings an ocean of treasures to Wellington

29 Oct 2019

Wellington couple Robert Baldock and Margie Petherick recently opened Shipwreck Trading. Located on the Seaview Marina, this unique shop includes a range of eclectic industrial ship treasures you’re unlikely to get anywhere else.

Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or just someone those looking for that special something to finish off your interior scheme, Robert says it’s the sort of place that offers something for everyone, with items ranging from $15 - $10,000.

“Recently we sold a 400-year-old cannon ball to an older gentleman. We are selling to people from all ages and backgrounds. From people building new homes or renovating to dealers from the South Island who will fill their vans and go back to sell in their own shops.” he says.

The couple designed their unique shop using recycled New Zealand products including, wall shelving built out of 400 apple crates and wooden pallets with the walls painted in Resene Aquamarine to create the impression of a dockside.

Robert and Margie used wooden pallets and apple crates to create theme-appropriate ‘dockside’ shelving over walls painted Resene Aquamarine.

As former owners of the Wellington film related props and sets business Westside Studios, Robert says the couple has maintained his contacts in the industry, enabling them to get to all the different pockets of the world to draw in the unique industrial ship items. He also travels to India and Bangladesh, where there is a marketplace for dismantling broken down ships, pulling them apart and on-selling the individual lighting items. After purchasing the items, he then gets them cleaned up, and rewired to New Zealand standards before they hit the shelves at Shipwreck Trading.

Another popular purchase is flag converted cushions. Robert seeks bales of country flags and they are then converted into one-of-a-kind cushions.

Visit Shipwreck Trading at Unit 10 Seaview Marine Centre, 100 Port Road, Seaview, Wellington and check out their Facebook page.

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