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Antonia's 'ultimate girls room'

24 Jun 2015

The hosts of My Dream Home: Kids Edition were impressed this week with 12-year-old Antonia, who presented a detailed vision of her desired room makeover – the 'ultimate girls room'.

Her design came complete with cupcake chair, a bright pink heart decal and highly saturated colour for the walls.

Complementing colours were picked, which included Resene Sweet Spot (pastel pink), Resene Irresistible (deep pink), Resene Honey Flower (purple) for the walls, and Resene Shirley Temple for the cupcake chair base. 

Interior designer Amie Hammond chose soft Resene Rice Cake for the window wall – the first point you see when you walk inside – allowing a sense of openness to the bedroom.

The team also showed how easy it is to create a window seat, which was finished in Resene Flourish (pictured above, left). Click here for the step-by-step guide to make this at home.

For all details on the makeover, or if you missed this week’s episode, visit