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Can you guess what this is?

23 May 2013

What leads to 550,000 school days being lost every year, affects 600,000 New Zealanders, costs an estimated $800,000,000 and in 2011 was responsible for 8000 hospital admissions? It’s asthma, and tomorrow, May 24, is the Asthma Foundation’s annual ?agship event, Balloon Day. Because of asthma, one in 4 children struggle to blow up a balloon. It’s easy for an asthmatic to breathe in, however, when they try to breathe out, to perhaps blow up a balloon, the lungs are not strong enough to push air through the swollen breathing tubes. The foundation receives no government funding for its educational activities and events. To donate $3 text PUFF to 469, call 0900 4 ASTHMA (0900 4 278 462) to make an automatic $20 donation or visit our website