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Don’t need a whole roll of wallpaper?

31 Oct 2016

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls. Many creative people use it for all sorts of craft and decorative ideas – covering books, recovering lampshades, on drawer fronts, as framed artworks… or as a flock of pretty butterflies flying up the wall.

To save you having to buy a whole roll of wallpaper for your project, Resene is now offering a cut length service. You can order either a two, three or four metre length of selected wallpapers from the range at your local Resene ColorShop. It’s ideal for those smaller projects.

A two-metre length will cost you $40; three metres is $60, four metres is $80. A standard wallpaper roll is 530cm wide.

Ask the staff at your Resene ColorShop which wallpapers are available, then get crafting and have some fun. The wallpaper shown here is from Walltrends 111 (798968).