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Go geo with new Resene curtains

13 Sep 2018

The geometric craze has taken over our homes in recent years but this season sees it soften and take on a more organic edge. Watch also for the growing influence of Art Deco styles and motifs in interiors generally.

Three of the new designs from the Resene Curtain Collection echo these changing trends.

Silhouette is an organic spin on the modern geo trend. The pattern is similar to the centre of a peacock feather, adding to the drama of the distorted waves pattern. It comes in four colourways: Bud (pictured above with walls in Resene Destiny), Stone (top), Hydra (middle) and Mocha.

Intersection is a fabric that brings Art Deco style into the modern world. The bold metallic trellis pattern contrasts harmoniously with the textured ground; reminiscent of luxury, but sophisticated in execution. It comes in Naturalle, Hydra and Charcoal (pictured with walls in Resene Bunting).

Tangent is an edgy jacquard which is perfect for the modern-industrial trend. The distorted stripe stands out in sophisticated greyscale, recommended to pair with monochromatic tones and bold accent colours. It comes in one colourway, Slate (pictured, with walls in Resene Half Tuna).

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