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On the hunt

02 Apr 2014

Have you found and photographed your giant easter eggs yet? You have until April 22 to find the eggs in The Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt in support of Starship, and compete for the ultimate prize – a unique 340g 18ct Whittaker’s Gold Slab. Various artists and designers decorated the eggs, many using Resene paints, which were then distributed around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in the early hours of March 21. Resene have directly sponsored three of the eggs – the Starship egg (pictured in the making), one painted by designer Kellie Gammie and another by graphic artist Askew One, aka Elliot O’Connell. 80 of the eggs are being auctioned on TradeMe to raise money for the Starship Foundation while the remaining 20 will be auctioned at a gala dinner on April 16. For more information, see