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NZ without the kiwi? No way

17 Oct 2013

Save Kiwi Week is a national campaign to raise awareness and funds to help keep kiwi alive.  With the backing of Sir Graham Henry, we’re looking for support from all proud and loyal Kiwis. 95% of kiwi are killed in the wild before they are old enough to breed, and if we do nothing, we will lose kiwi from our forests in our lifetime. We cannot imagine New Zealand without kiwi! Led by national charity Kiwis for kiwi™, Save Kiwi Week runs from 14th-20th October and aims to raise $100,000 to protect 1,000 kiwi in the wild. 

Here’s how you can keep kiwi alive:

  • Make a secure online donation at
  • Purchase a Mr Vintage t-shirt - they’re only $20 and $5 of that is donated to kiwi
  • Bid on one of the amazing kiwi experiences being auctioned on Trade Me. You  can win the opportunity to name a kiwi chick, or win a unique kiwi release experience in the wild (for you, if you’re in New Zealand, or a friend back home). 

Published: 17 Oct 2013