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Responsible renovating

14 Feb 2019

If you’ve recently painted your home, you might be scratching your head about where to put all the paint tins that seem to pile up.

Good news is that there is a way to get rid of any unwanted paint and empty containers in an eco-conscious and community-friendly way – through the Resene PaintWise programme. Simply bring your containers to your local PaintWise collection at most Resene ColorShops (NZ) and they will take care of them for you.

This includes recycling packaging materials, as well as sending solventborne paints to solvent recovery. So far, the programme has recycled more than 600,000kg of packaging, and a huge amount of solvents have been recovered from oil-based paints and reused in other industries.

Another load of paint packaging ready to be recycled.

Paint is donated to community groups to help them with their paint needs, especially painting over graffiti. Since Resene PaintWise started, more than 250,000 litres of recycled paint, known as Resene EchoPaint, has been donated. If you’re a community group, click here to find out more about this incredible resource. 

A group of hardworking volunteers cover up years of graffiti on Mangere Bridge in Auckland with a fresh coat of 100% recycled Resene EchoPaint from the Resene PaintWise service.

Any brand of decorative paint can be recycled through Resene PaintWise. A small charge applies to non-Resene branded product to help offset the costs of the PaintWise programme (25c per litre). Read more about the programme here.