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Three’s The Block NZ recap: Common lobby

05 Sep 2019

This week saw the final room reveal before the teams packed their bags to let the potential buyers finally have their first glimpse of the apartments in person. The teams had to work together to complete the common lobby in a way that would be befitting of a luxury apartment building.

The teams also picked the space within their respective apartments which they thought was the best. These rooms were judged by a special jury made up of neighbours, members of the Kingsland Business Association and expert real estate agents.

Sophia & Mikaere

Sophia & Mikaere chose Resene Nero for their door to bring a sense of prestige to the penthouse. The walls are painted Resene Black White.

Judges Jason and Lizzi appreciated the details they incorporated above the door, giving visitors a taste of what’s inside. Their choice of doorknocker had an air of luxury about it that was befitting of a penthouse suite. The team incorporated a vintage fire extinguisher, which Jason and Lizzi thought was a nice nod to the history of the building.

The choice for the large pendant lamp was a win for the top of the stairwell and the judges felt it had good scale for the space.

Sophia & Mikaere’s efforts were enough to secure them the $7,000 prize, which will be subtracted from their apartments reserve at auction.

After viewing their Living and Media Room, the Block Jury judge theirs to be the best room on The Block NZ.

Stacy & Adam

Stacy & Adam ran into some significant delays this week, but they managed to rise above the ones that were out of their control and worked together with the other teams to get their space completed in time for the reveal.

The judges loved their bold door and thought it connected nicely to the firehouse theme – so much so that they wished the rest of the teams had used the same hue.

Resene Blackberry on the door to Stacy & Adam’s apartment was the favoured colour of the judges. The walls are painted Resene Black White.

Lisa & Ribz

Jason and Lizzi didn’t feel the first impression lived quite up to the standard they were hoping. While the wallpaper they chose, Resene Wallpaper Collection 218419, brought texture to the walls, the artwork didn’t work with their other design decisions and because the wallpaper was only used on one wall, it didn’t bring the striking impact that the space needed. After another opportunity to make changes to the space Lisa & Ribz replaced the artwork with Firehouse themed prints and the judges were impressed with the continuity and cohesion to the finished space.


Lisa and Ribz went with Resene Black for their door. The walls are painted Resene Black White.

Ethan & Sam

Ethan & Sam were still hopeful that their portion of the common lobby would win the judges over with its connection to the original firehouse.

While the judges appreciated that the artwork they chose drew parallels to the heritage of the building, they thought it fell short on scale and should have been much bigger for the space.

The orange door, which was intended to be a nod to their team colour, didn’t have the effect on Jason and Lizzi they thought it might. The judges picked up on the connection but thought that they should have gone with the same hue as Stacy & Adam’s door. The chair on the landing was also deemed too large for where it had been used.

With the opportunity to make changes to their space Ethan & Sam decided to re-paint the door to the same red as Stacy & Adam and removed the chair. The judges praised their now cohesive and clean space.

The wall behind is painted Resene Black White.

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